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Adapted from Sophie Treadwell’s 1928 play Machinal, VOX MACHINAL creates a world rooted in the sensory experience of a woman who - after leading a life suffocated by the patriarchal forces around her - kills her husband. The lines between character and object, external and physiological experience, and control and submission are blurred. An ever-present radio that voices the fragmented dialogue and the voice of The Woman feud as she attempts to take control over her life. In this adaptation, The Woman’s desire for freedom and autonomy takes the form of a grotesque, organic creature that she becomes as she is executed for the murder at the end of the performance. She chooses to kill her husband, accepting death as the escape from this world, transcending her human form. This project was most recently performed at The Fisher Performing Arts Center in the Hudson Valley. 

In collaboration with Phoebe Hiltermann

To read more, download the senior thesis, VOX MACHINAL: Voice in the Machine.

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